Letter from the Creator/Author


My name is Jasmine Highsmith and I am the Creator/Author of 2 Sides To Fashion. I started this blog in 2013  because of a class assignment. I received a lot of great feedback on my posts so even after the class was completed I decided to keep on blogging! It wasn’t until recently that I started getting ideas about re-vamping my blog and making it about fashion. Another one? Yeah…..I know! BUT 2 Sides to Fashion is slightly different. I wanted to create a fashion blog that was not focused on your everyday well-known/famous designer, so giving a voice to emerging designers is an important piece to this blog. 2 Sides To Fashion is also a platform for stores or boutiques that are unknown to the public. Last but not least, this blog is for YOU, I wanted to make a blog that was fun interactive and catering towards everybody, every race, every shape and every style.

I came up with the name 2 Sides To Fashion on a whim.  I will have a guest blogger featuring what designs they like from time to time which will give you a different outlook from the designs I usually post.  2 Sides To Fashion is also a play on my “Gemini” personality. People are always shocked when they see me wear certain things, that’s because with me…you’ll never know what you get! I like ANYTHING…well…almost anything haha so there you have it!

What I really want people to know about this blog is that it’s not about what or who you are wearing, it’s about how you rock it!

So I hope you like…..no….LOVE it, share it and send submissions to 2 Sides To Fashion!

Thank you,



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