‘STEP’: #stepislife

On the eve of Baltimore Ceasefire aka the Baltimore Peace Challenge (please see post to come) I attended a private screening for “STEP.”


“STEP” is a documentary that takes you on a journey of the senior year for a high school step dance team within inner-city Baltimore. 


Earlier this year I came across a preview for this movie and I knew then that I wanted to see it so I was super excited to get this opportunity. 

I’m a documentary buff, it’s one of my favorite type of movies to watch and I have to say that ‘STEP’ is now, by far, my favorite documentary of all time. 


I’ve said this before, but, growing up I didn’t see a lot of women that looked like me represented on tv or in the theater. There weren’t a lot of women who looked like me I could see myself in, so to see a more representation for black girls/women on tv and in movie theaters…it’s amazing honestly.


Not a lot of people know this but I used to be on a step dance team in elementary school. It was through a friend that I started stepping and I loved it. I didn’t pursue it long-term because once we moved I didn’t stick with it. Looking at the movie ‘STEP’ I really wish I had stayed with it, the sisterhood you gain within a step dance team is like no other. In the movie the founder and one of the key components to the choreography of the step dance team, Blessin was going through a lot of things in her personal life, all of the girls were, however, Blessin allowed her personal life to effect school and her step dance teammates. We were able to see that when they weren’t getting along the team is not a team, things were falling apart but when the team is in sync…they can do unimaginable things!


This movie struck home for me because I remember what it was like trying to maintain good grades in high school, applying to college, maintain a social life, on top of dealing with personal issues at home. It was far from easy and I spent many nights in tears but I made it, just like those girls…they did it!


This movie was the definition of #BLACKGIRLMAGIC. I cried tears of sadness and joy because you felt all the things they felt, especially as a black woman. It not only felt good to see black women rise up and wine but it felt good to see a city you grew up in rise and win as well! #Baltimore


‘STEP’ is in select theaters  TODAY please check it out and support!!!!



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