Fennella Like Whoa


Hello Fashionista’s,

From time to time I like to highlight not just designs and boutiques but the actual artists behind these creative pieces. My next feature I am super excited about because I have seen pictures of her here and there throughout social media but there was never a name with the face. It feels really good to finally figure out who this gorgeous woman is and why she is so dope!

Sierra Leonean a.k.a  Fennella Like Whoa  is more than a fashion lover she’s also a blogger, youtuber, creative entrepreneur, model, poet and media strategist. What a resume right?!

Growing up in an African household Fennella Like Whoa applies both cultural and spiritual elements to her style which assisted in her becoming a top fashion influencer during her freshman year at Spelman College. With her newfound influence, Fenella Like Whoa began creative and entrepreneurial projects including an online store, blogging, a jewelry line, modeling and turning her freshman dorm into a boutique!

Fennella Like Whoa has since, graduated from Spelman and working on building the brands of Like Whoa and Echelon Twelve, a fashion organization with a strong emphasis on service, training and leadership in order to establish her legacy currently serving the campuses of Spelman, Morehouse College and Clark Atlanta University.

“Expressing myself has been really hard. Not just for others to accept but for me as well. When I put myself out there creatively I am being vulnerable. It is like I am showing you an idea that was birthed from an intimate secret place as a child and even growing up I was extremely bullied for expressing myself through fashion. I have always been one to create and develop my own style” – Fennella Like Whoa

Check out some of the pieces Fennella Like Whoa has to offer:



Sequin Dress available in more colors from sizes 2 to 16!

Assassins Sweater and Iphone Cover, also available in a Unisex t-shirt, crop top and poster.

To get this items and to find out more about Fenella Like Whoa check out her website:


Also follow on social media:

FB, IG, Twitter and Tumblr: @fennellalikewhoa

Growing up it was really rare to see women who are dark skinned like me in photos, on tv, in  movies….and it’s amazingly refreshing to see dark skinned women representing especially ones that are so young who can reach out to our youth, break barriers and be positive role models within our communities.

Happy Shopping Fashionista’s!


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