Moguls in Media

Hello Fashionista’s,

Thursday, February 23rd, I had the pleasure of being invited to cover a Moguls in Media Tour hosted and created by published journalist, Sheen Magazine Correspondent, Darcel Laurie, who founded and created Moguls in Media.

If you have never heard of Moguls in Media, well let me give you a little background story, Moguls in Media is an event platform for established Journalists, TV/Radio Personalities, Writers, Photographers, Entrepreneurs, Stylists, etc. get together to empower, provide tips, new skills/techniques and to also give women (men are invited too) the confidence they need in order to succeed within an industry that is known to cater predominantly to men.

I had never been to a Moguls in Media event before so I was very excited to receive the invitation and finding out who was going to be apart of the tour escalated my excitement. There was food, provided by Chef Lex of Eat Me Up Cuisine and drinks, provided by Startenders and we all know nothing brings people closer together more than food and drinks! There were also sponsor giveaways provided by Glam Dream & Inspire.

Lately, I have been in somewhat of a rut, I’ve been networking and going to a lot of events to really put my brand out there but it always seems like I’m either not doing enough or its not working, that is where this Moguls in Media event came and changed my life!

With all the panelists, Tiffany Lamb (Celebrity Hairstylist), Gillian Alex (Author), Brittney Oliver (Essence Magazine Contributor), Selena Hill (Black Enterprise), Jacques Bastien (Hustleprenuer) and Stella Hues (Luxury Footwear Designer), I received jewels, confirmations, wisdom, advice, inspiration and so much more! I think what I loved the most about each and every panelists is that no matter where they have catapulted themselves within their career now, they felt and started exactly where I am, they related to me as if they knew me personally and knew my struggles and deep rooted fears.

This event was more than just a networking event, it was an event that allowed me to be amongst likeminded, hustlers like me, people who grind at their 9 to 5’s and stay up extra late just to make their dreams come true, people who travel every and anywhere just to pursue their goals. This event was about a sister/brotherhood of people who grind day in and day out to be their own bosses. I not only respected each and every individual in the room, I felt genuine love for them and everything they stood for.

So once again, I Miss JLH, am motivated and on top of my game! I can’t wait to show you more of what I have in  store!

As usual I want you guys to please follow and keep up with Moguls in Media:



Twitter and IG: @mogulsinmedia

Thanks for tuning in guys! ❤



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