Dee’s Couture

Good Day Fashionista’s!

It has been a very busy week and I am finally able to showcase each and every designer from #BNFW, starting with Dee’s Couture.

I arrived to the Alhambra Ballroom early to introduce myself to the shows coordinators and the designers, I was able to get an exclusive interview with each designer, which was unexpected.

Ms Deborah “Ms. Dee” Cooper was the last designer that I interviewed, she came up to me, shook my hand and with a very big smile introduced herself, sat down and we began the interview.  The first thing that I noticed about Ms. Dee was her very beautiful, bright blue dress and then her big and bold jewelry.

Dee’s Couture is named after herself, she is the owner and founder with a studio located in  Richmond VA (I will include that information towards the end).

Ms. Dee’s biggest clientele consists of customers looking for prom dresses, wedding dresses or church outfits, which none of it comes as a surprise (once you see some of her pieces you will know what I mean).

I asked Ms. Dee what inspired her latest collection and she said “My latest collection was inspired by Obama’s last speech, it was really empowering and I wanted to base it off of Michelle Obama’s look and personality. “

When I began to ask Ms. Dee if she feels like her designs can be compared to another designers and who she admires within the fashion industry she said this, “I feel like I set myself apart from other designers and  other than myself *laughs* I admire Kimora Lee Simmons, still, I respect her as a mother and a business women, she knows how to juggle both.”

Ms. Dee’s goals for Dee’s Couture is to take things up a notch by installing African Prints into her line, modernizing and using its variations of colors all the while keeping it couture.

I asked Ms. Dee what advice would she give to those who are aspiring designers, she said, “Never let anyone change your mind, if its your passion and love, you aren’t being true if you do not focus on you and your dreams.”

After a very insightful and inspiring chat with Ms. Dee, I could not wait to see her line….and finally it was time…. after several looks came down the runway I knew exactly why Ms. Dee was her biggest fan and she has every right to be! Her use of bold colors, various mixture of fabrics and just the designs itself were just jaw dropping! I was in love with everything!

Ms. Dee caters to all looks and sizes from 0-24 and also creates clothing for men.

I highly recommend that you check out Ms. Dee via Social Media:

Facebook and IG: @deescouturefashion

Also, if you are in the Richmond are please check out her studio:

3302 Williamsburg Rd.

Richmond, VA 23231

Check out some photos below:

Here are a few looks from the runway….a little hard to see but make sure you follow on social media for better views.


You can tell that lace is one of the fabrics that might be a fav.!


This piece was my absolute favorite! Modeled by Miss Ethiopia this dress screamed couture!

Don’t forget to follow on social media for more looks and to keep up with Dee’s Couture.



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