Phamous Nobodies

I love the female designers that I feature, their warm, genuine and loving spirits always inspire me and comfort me, women just tend to have that motherly nature about them and that is what my female designers give off, personality wise, within their designs.

BUT my male feature’s…..I don’t know,  it’s something about them, their drive, their hunger and yearning for more…the hustle and the grind of it all is 24/7…don’t get me wrong my female designers are just as hungry and driven…but my male designers always have something to prove, because…let’s face it….Fashion is a female dominant world….it’s the norm for ladies to be designers and models….but when you see a male do it, it’s intriguing and different and well they deserve to be acknowledged as well.

So let’s keep this train rolling as we head over to the West side and take a look at Phamous Nobodies Clothing.

Trademarked in LA in 2001, Phamous Nobodies Clothing specializes in urban fashion wear for men, women and kid’s!

One of the quotes from the designer that I love is:  ‘It Takes A Somebody To Be A Nobody and STILL Be Phamous”

Check out some of my favorite pieces below:


This purple burn out summer tank is a perfect addition to your casual summer wear ladies!

10458020_880238522003241_8448931383063981366_n (1)

This Phamous Nobodies Camo Baseball Tee is perfect for both men and women!


This White and Red Phamous Nobodies Tee would have really done it for the 4th of July! I even love how this model is wearing it, the Grey rolled up pants and the red and white sneakers to add a pop of color!


Last but not least here’s a pink and white Phamous Nobodies tee for the kids!

Phamous Nobodies is always having a sale or random contests for their customers so make sure you follow them on IG: @phamousnobodiesclothing

Also like on facebook:

More styles and colors are available on the website:

And if you saw something you liked on their IG page or FB page but didn’t see it online, email:


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