Interview with Kiona: Kiona Hangers


I am a huge advocate of  supporting local artists!

Local artists literally give everything they have and own to put into their dream to make it come to life. Despite the unknown of winning or failing, they reach for the stars because they have a PASSION for what it is they do.  With that being said, it is my pleasure to introduce my hometown’s (Baltimore, GO RAVENS! haha)  local artist, Kiona, designer and founder of Kiona Hangers.

Every detail and design for Kiona Hangers are created by hand and crafted carefully with love. Each piece is made to the customers satisfaction and priced to be affordable for those with a specific budget at hand.

What started out as a simple but unique gesture of appreciation for her special day, quickly turned into a business due to the extraordinary amount of positive feedback.

Take a look into the life of a woman who wear’s many hats, enjoy:

unnamed (1)

1. Tell me a little about yourself…..

I am from Baltimore County, Maryland. I’m 29, not 30 yet! holding on to my 20’s! My other hobbies are singing and dancing. I’ve been singing and dancing forever. I am a mother of three. Two boys, Carlos 2 and Anthony 8; and a girl Nyla who will officially be my step daughter 8-1-2015 . Like my mother, I’ve always been creative.


2. What got you started in designing and creating your own brand?

I started creating Kiona Hangers while planning my wedding. I love my bridal party and I want them to have unique, customized gifts. Also, I take a gazillion pictures a day, so having awesome pictures for my wedding is a must. The hangers will add that special, unique, creative touch I want. So initially I started creating them for my bridal party but once I posted a picture of them online I received so many requests that I had to create a separate page for the hangers consisting of hanger details, contact information, pricing and availability

3.  I’m obsessed with suede hangers. I call them my fancy hangers haha but then I saw your designs and I thought “these are way more fancy” haha Where did your design concept originate from?

I am a huge fan of Etsy. I saw a designer that made rings and cake toppers from wire and I thought “I could do this!” I knew my bridal party needed to hang their dresses so I made hangers.  The more I began to do them I came up with more and more ideas like the “Bling hanger” “Bling pop sticks” adding hearts and stars, tuxedo print, “I Do” detail, rhinestone, pearls, different ribbon texture and sizes… the list goes on and on.

4.   What motivates/inspires you?

What motivates and inspires me…. where to begin?? My kids of course. I want to eventually work for myself and maintain an income that can support my family without me working a 9-5 everyday allowing more time with my family. I’ve always been a worker. Since the age of 14 I have been working. I’ve always wanted more, very driven. I think that I can basically achieve anything I put my mind too… that confidence keeps me going.


5. Who are some of your favorite designers?

When I think of designers I think of artists because I’m into music, I follow a lot of artists and their stylists. For Example, Keyshia Cole, I love her style, her stylist Olori Swank is dope to me. Then of course there is Beyonce  who’s style is endless.

6. What would you like people to know about you or your brand?

When it comes to my brand, I would like people to know that I take pride in each product I provide to a customer. I place each detail on my hangers by hand. I make my items affordable so that their event can be unique, and have a touch of elegance without hurting a set budget.  My customers are always satisfied. That’s something that means a lot to me.

7. What are some of your future goals/plans for you and your brand?

In the future, I hope that it will become standard for brides, bridal parties, grooms, groomsman, baby rooms, gift items….to all have Kiona Hangers as part of their event.

8. Any advice for aspiring or emerging designer

My advice for aspiring or emerging designers are to make sure providing quality products to customers is at the top of their list. The best feeling is to have returning customers and word of mouth is the best method of advertisement.

Set a goal and stick to it. Put time into your craft. lack of time and attention shows in the result of a product.

                                                                         unnamed (2)

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One thought on “Interview with Kiona: Kiona Hangers

  1. She is an awesome person and her drive is unbelievable. Her craft is more than a bit of perfection and leaves every customer satisfied and coming back for more. Love this “Kiona Hangers”!

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