23 Days of My Style: Day 5, Flirty Monday!



Today’s post is Flirty Monday’s because what I’m wearing is fun, cute and flirty 🙂

So let’s get to it!!

unnamed (1)


Blue Denim Jacket: again ugh so don’t remember lol *shrugs*

 Plain white quarter sleeved length Shirt: I think Body Central lol

Striped multi-colored skirt: my momma haha

Shoes and Earrings: Payless! (don’t sleep on ’em!)

Hair: all mines haha

So as I told you on my last post this Denim Jacket can literally be paired with anything! So today I paired it with this outfit 🙂

I wanted to keep it simple with my top seeing that my skirt has a lot going on with the strips and colors.

***The skirt is actually a halter top DRESS! talk about multi-functional! haha my mom got it for me last summer and she gave me the idea to wear it like this! Thanks mom!

The shoes are black with a low heel and peep toe, I got these shoes for like 2.50 at Payless…CRAZY sale! haha I love a good bargain and you may not be able to get everything from Payless but sometimes you luck up! They are one of the most comfortable shoes I own!

The earrings are orange and pink hoops. I got them two summers ago from Payless on sale as well!

This outfit is casual but can be dressy if I was to add a blazer with it instead.

Well That’s all folks!!

Thanks peeps and have a good Monday!


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